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Sara Ash Pickleball Paddle by Armour
  • Sara Ash Pickleball Paddle by Armour


    The Sara Ash Signature paddle – perfected in the hands of a professional player and PPR certified teaching pro – is a great paddle for every level.

    • Weight Range: 7.7 – 8.1 ounces
    • Handle Length: 5″ – perfect for those players preferring a two-handed backhand and allows for a longer reach.
    • Paddle Length: 15 7/8”
    • Paddle Width: 8″
    • Armour PerfExtreme Perforated Grip
    • 13mm Thick Polypropylene AdvancedCore
    • Composite Fiberglass Hitting Surface
    • USA Pickleball Approved
    SKU: 0010
    • About Sara Ash

      Sara Ash played in her first pickleball tournament in 2014 and became a 5.0 player the following year.  She has won more than 100 tournament medals, including three medals at Nationals.  Sara is a three-time State champion player in the Arizona Pickleball Players League and played professional team pickleball for the Surprise Stingers.  She has been certified as a “Professional” pickleball trainer by the Professional Pickleball Registry (PPR’s highest certification level) and conducts dozens of two, and three-day pickleball camps for Armour Pickleball and LevelUp in Alaska, South Carolina, Minnesota, California, Utah, Nevada, Texas, and her home state of Arizona.  She also provides training for individual pickleball players as well as for teams.   

    • About the Paddle

      The Sara Ash Signature Paddle, developed by Armour Pickleball incorporates the best features of several paddles I've used over the past few years.  The generous width of this paddle provides a large, uniform sweet spot for maximum control.  The composite surface gives you the "pop" needed to make put-away volleys, winning critical points around the no-volley line.  In a word, the Sara Ash signature paddle has the right balance of control and power to play winning pickleball. 

    • Shipping Information

      Standard USPS ground shipping is included with all orders of $98.00 and above. Expedited shipping for an additional fee. Shipping to USA only; Sorry no international shipping. 

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